André Lash

Organist • Composer • Conductor • Educator


C. B. Fisk, Opus 82 at Christ United Methodist Church in Greensboro, North Carolina

Opus 82 is a freestanding organ in an elegant contemporary case. The loftiness of the church allows a 16' Principal in the façade, the largest of which are polished copper complementing the church's brick interior. A Positive division is cantilevered forward of the main case in the style of Opus 68 at the University of Vermont. The cabinets of the main case and the Positive are oak with a key desk of mahogany.

Tonally the organ provides a broad historical palette of colors to lead congregational singing, accompany choir anthems, and play voluntaries for the worship service. Among the resources for faithfully presenting the organ literature of many periods and national styles are a complete Grand Jeu andPetit Jeu for French classical music, a Swell division typical of 19th century France, and complete flue and reed choruses in classical German style.

A continuing series, Music for a Great Space, offers sponsors concerts in the church featuring this instrument.

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