André Lash

Organist • Composer • Conductor • Educator

Gallic in Greensboro
In recognition of the 25th year of the installation of the Fisk organ, Opus 82, at Christ United Methodist Church, Greensboro, North Carolina, André Lash, who currently serves as Organist at the church, plays an all-French program spanning the French Classic to the 20th-century eras. This includes a rare recording of a most unusual work by Gaston Litaize.


The rich and varied literature for trumpet and organ grew significantly in the 20th Century, yet most commercially available recordings of the idiom focus on baroque literature. Not only do the timbres and textures possible with modern instruments far exceed the expressive palette found in baroque compositions for this pairing, but the greater dynamic flexibility inherent in modern organs provides improved options for expression over earlier instruments. The modern trumpet now matches the colorful grandeur and technical flexibility of the organ.

Trumpet & Stops explores selected modern literature for solo trumpet and organ and presents music by composers with wide-ranging compositional influences who utilize the full spectrum of possible timbres and textures in their works. Whether created by European composers Petr Eben, Jean-Michel Defaye, Gerhard Wuensch and Jean Rivier, or American composers Robert Nagel, Daniel Pinkham and Donald Johns, the music on this recording provides opportunities for the performers to explore combinations of trumpet colors and organ stops in the context of great textural diversity. In the process, the listener is presented a refreshing potpourri for one of the most grand instrumental combinations, trumpet and organ.

  • Trumpet Processional • Robert Nagel
  • Aria • Jean Rivier
  • Voluntary • Daniel Pinkham
  • Suite • Gerhard Wuensch
  • Fantasy • Leo Sowerby
  • Huit Preludes • J.-M. Defaye
  • Concertino • Martin Mailman
  • Okna • Petr Eben
  • Prelude, Aria and Finale • Donald Johns